Paula Healy

Creative Arts Cookbook [Group Project]

Adam O'Connor, Lena Hutterer, Lin Fu, Patrick Hopkins, Paula Healy

Focussed on creative problem-solving, the Creative Arts Ideas Lab module saw two teams work on; Improving Diversity in Theatre, and my team, Livestreaming the Arts During the Pandemic.

Learning from our group work in class, our different ages, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences helped us to be inventive and come up with a potential-filled idea. Our team went from problem ideation to collecting information on Livestreaming the Arts During the Pandemic to the concept of a Creative Arts Cookbook applicable to many disparate fields and practices.

Adam & Patrick brought practical theatre experience and contacts, Lena came up with the concept of the Cookbook (as opposed to a checklist or resource pack) that really sparked another wave of developments on the project & marketing ideas, Lin designed our logo, persona and presentation, and I created the Cookbook wireframe in Balsamiq, created the shared background documents, Twitter account, set up meetings and did the initial sketch of our persona “MaireĆ”d”.

You can check out our presentation below.
Whether trying to Livestream an Arts event or make a cake – others have done it before and already learned what works best and everything you need for different levels of complexity of project. You still need ingredients/resources and a method, and it’s an analogy that conveys the idea quickly and effectively.

It’s a concept that is expandable to many areas in the Arts and beyond. To close the presentation, I presented a selection of fairy cakes of three degrees of complexity to the attendees to emphasise the flexibility of the cookbook/recipe model.
three cupcakes on a table