Paula Healy

Community Radio Ireland Branding Updates


I have been involved voluntarily with Craol/Community Radio Ireland on and off since 2006. In 2007 I redrew the extremely low resolution Craol logo and updated the colours and fonts to ones that worked better in print and online. In 2016 I used 99 designs to source new logos for the Craol Committee to choose from. I didn’t create the logo myself, as I was close to the project and thought it better to have an external designer bring fresh eyes to the organisation. Craol changed their public-facing name to Community Radio Ireland | Raidi√≥ Pobail na h√Čireann for clarity. I redesigned the 2016 logo accordingly.
Original logo 1997(?) - 2006
My vector redraw 2007
Pujianto (Pujiarts) 2016
MyCRI adaptation 2019

I created the first version of this graphic in 2019 for pull-up banners. I adapted it for CRI’s annual conference in 2020. I updated the graphic’s colourway for the following year’s event.

I also used the new colourway to update my National Community Radio Day stickers for summer 2022.
Finally, I created a graphic of the Community Radio Charter, to be distributed to all member stations for display on their premises. I was delighted to discover that instead of in poster format, the graphic was printed on wood panels!