Paula Healy

Flirt FM New WordPress Site

Flirt FM 101.3 – Galway’s student and alternative radio station – had its last website update in 2015. The site was responsive, beautifully custom-built and had a custom CMS. Over the next couple of years server migrations and changing internet standards had broken some small elements. I had been patching it up as I went, but time was coming for a new site.

Old flirtfm homepage
2012-15 Website created by Rory Donohue
In autumn 2021 a successful cyberattack on NUI Galway saw the campus network taken down completely – including all websites – while everything was analysed and scrubbed. In the interim we used a placeholder with important links.

bright yellow wordpress homepage
Sounder on Themerex - online radio theme
Over the Christmas break, I adapted the WordPress theme Sounder (above) to our aesthetics and needs. I also populated the site, added shows, installed a SEO plugin and moved from Google Analytics to Matomo, due to their preferred privacy settings. The site uses WP Bakery, but in the majority of cases, I used WordPress editing for posts due to the speed and ease of writing.

Sounder on Themerex - online radio theme