Paula Healy

Irish Alternative Radio App Design

The Brief

Design an application that offers different interaction types to its users.
It may be one of the following; a mobile application, a browser-based application or an application software

Also describe;
What is the main functionality of your product?
What kind of user experiences does it offer?
What are the data types that the user need to interact with?
What kind of interactions are there?
Does your product need internet to run? Does it rely on cloud services?
What kind of technologies does your product require to fully satisfy its functionality?
What are the other devices and products that your product is connected to?

Explain the design steps and visual aspects of your product. Provide user scenarios and simple flow diagrams. Design a User Flow Map that represents all the functionalities and interactions your product offers. Create a prototype for your product and use either use Balsamiq or Adobe XD to record the user steps of the prototype.

Check out that prototype demo video 🎧