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Léaro Film Festival Site

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Our final assignment in Online & Mobile Media (semester 1) was to build a webpage for our invented film festival programme using Bootstrap CSS and JS.

It was required that we include:
  • Navigation Menu
  • Dropdown
  • Accordion
  • Modals
  • Contact Form
  • 4 different Text Types
  • Buttons
  • Bonus dropdown Full Screening Schedule that includes all the screen times and films

Films should be grouped under 4 different categories:
  • Shorts
  • Documentaries
  • Local Films
  • Programme Selection
Each film category should include at least 6 films with the following details:
    • title
    • director
    • poster image
    • genre
    • release year
    • country
    • Trailer
Each film should include a screening chart which shows the screening day / time and venue (you are free to use Bootstrap tables or blocks for this chart)

A contact / submission form for your festival.

Sponsors – A section on your page with 12 different logos as your hypothethical sponsors.

Link to 3 social media accounts (the related social media logos should be used as image links).

I chose to make a site for a reparatory documentary festival to be hosted in three Galway city and county venues. Owned by each of the communities and open to more in hypothetical future iterations. The name Léaro comes from the Irish for a glimmer, or chink of light, so chosen as you could still grab all of the social media handles and also as the festival would be held in midwinter, and be a bit of respite from the grim weather and dark.