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Lovesick on Flirt FM

College Radio for Galway

My volunteer music show for Flirt FM 101.3 has been running since 2011 (preceded by Substance 2005-2011). It has evolved over the years to hero new Irish music while also presenting some of the best international releases. Named for Lovesick Teenagers by Bear in Heaven and Lovesick by Lindstrom & Christobelle, each episode’s 10-15 tracks are selected from more than a hundred potential tracks.

Occasionally featuring interviews, podcast reviews and end of year best ofs, the show functions to promote local and national artists, many of whom deserve much more airplay. I also use the on-air or recording time to regularly ensure that all systems, software and equipment in the station are working well, and problem solving as I find issues or processes that can be improved.

There has never been so much amazing Irish music, I’m usually spoilt for choice. So much so, that I have been urging other community radio stations to increase their support for new Irish music. I delivered a training session along with the Manager of Limerick’s Wired FM, Ray Burke on Playing Irish Artists. You can see more about that presentation at the following link.
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Listen to a recent episode on Mixcloud below…
[IR] Eoin Dolan – Hare Island
[IR] Daire Patel – Pretty Sweet
[IR] No Photos – TIME TODAY
[IR] RIA RUA – i don’t care
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Spitting off the Edge of the World
[IR] Berri – Shadow Chroí
[IR] Ailbhe Reddy – A Mess
[IR] Japanese Jesus – Bus Weirdo
Emma-Jean Thackray – Venus (Black Science Orchestra Remix)
Blue Hawaii – Butterfly
[IR] Restless – B@NG€R
[IR] Kormac – New Day (Narolane Remix)
Neggy Gemmy – Beep Beep
[IR] Charli XCX – Used to Know Me (Yuné Pinku Remix)
BG: [IR] Paddy Mulcahy – Thomas Street