Paula Healy

Playing Irish Music

Conference Session

Ray Burke, manager of Wired FM and I were invited to present a session at the annual Community Radio Ireland conference “Féile” in Kilkenny. We decided to use the time to introduce the data around how the 20+ stations in the Community Radio Ireland network are faring in their support of new Irish music releases. [All Irish radio stations have a percentage of Irish music mandated in their Programme Policy Statements, agreed on with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland at the time of licencing – usually 25%].

Using Radiomonitor charts for the rolling prior 12 months for every station in the network, I exported the top 20s and analysed them by country of origin and date of release. I used an online pie chart generator to break down the figures so attendees could see at a glance how each station was faring.

To round out the session, I presented some questions for the attendees, followed by a number of helpful resources. Ray fielded questions from online and in-person attendees.

We have been invited back to Féile this year (Galway this October) to present a recap and follow up, and I’m excited to compare how stations are faring.
I am also going to volunteer to analyse the Community Radio statistics for the WhyNotHer project that inspired this work this autumn. You can see my presentation of analysis below in response to the last report from WhyNotHer. Community and online radio wasn’t included due to volunteer resources, so I have pledged to take up that work so our sector can be included in all future work.
An example report from the station where I work…
I gathered information for Flirt FM and presented in the same format as the WhyNotHer reports for ease of comparison.
page of graphs relating to Irish music played on Flirt FM