Paula Healy


For this P5.js project I wanted to visually represent the theory of space of flows and timeless time. ‘Space and Time, the material foundations of human experience, have been transformed, as the space of flows dominates the space of places, and timeless time supersedes clock time of the industrial era” Castells (2000). It’s interactive, the user clicks for another message, even right off the edge of the planet. The messages may be banal, repetitive and irrelevant, but you keep doing it.
‘Linear, measurable, predictable time is shattered in the network society’ Castells (2000). The planet rotates and night comes, but unlike the pre-modern era, people can disregard the dark, and closed businesses and the etiquette of allowing others to sleep. They can continue to communicate throughout, over long distances. Onlookers even when not communicating themselves can eavesdrop and follow conversations and join new networks. You can find a thread to follow no matter where and when it is, as long as you’re connected. If the message is in another language, it can easily and quickly be translated. The message, delivery, response and feedback is global, immediate and continuous.
The idea of synchronous communication such as a phone call has been sped up to the split-second and untethered to a physical line or location, while at the same time, asynchronous communication that would have been exemplified in conversation by letter has become always-on, always-available, check it when you think of it, feel like it or are told by a ding on your device that you should.

Anyway TL;DR… Click and/or type.

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