Paula Healy

UX Flow Cases

The Brief

Design a UX flow chart that represents all the steps included in *at least* five different user scenarios in the following activities on FilmFreeway:

Scenario 1: The user tries to submit a film to a festival without having a film in their FilmFreeway account.
Scenario 2: The user searches for festivals that accept music videos and successfully submits their project to a film festival which asks them to make a fee payment.
Scenario 3: The user changes the poster image of one of their projects.
Scenario 4: The user looks for festivals that don’t require an application fee.
Scenario 5: The user withdraws from a festival submission.

Include in your chart a section where the necessary features of your flow (i.e. colours, shapes, symbols) are explained.

Initial UX Plotting Sketch 1
Initial UX Plotting Sketch 2
My User
Key with custom designed elements
The Documentation (excerpt)

There are a number of film festival submission portals in addition to FilmFreeway, such as Withoutabox, Reelport, Shortfilmdepot, Clickforfestivals, Festhome, Movibeta, Uptofest, Filmfestivallife and Filmfestplatform (Review: 10 Platforms for Online Submissions, 2017) to name some of the most popular. It would be helpful when redesigning the site, or appraising it to test the design and UX of these sites.

I have identified a number of personae or archetype users;
A film festival organiser/director.
A filmmaker doing the rounds of this year’s film festivals.
A new user, that doesn’t have a film project finished yet, but is investigating the process of submitting films to festivals, and what kind of festivals there are.
A member of the public that is particularly interested in international film festivals…